Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Production and Fun

We got so much done over the weekend in our garden area. Michael and I spent all Saturday morning in the garden. We weeded specific beds, pulled up some dead plants, picked veggies, planted peas, put netting up for the new green beans, and he even weedeated the whole garden area. We enjoyed some quiet time together to talk and just do what best friends enjoy the most...being together. After a very productive day in the garden, we took the family and spent the late afternoon and evening at the lake. We had been invited to an end of summer pool party bash at the lake. We had so much fun. The kids all enjoyed swimming in the pool and eating way too much food. We all enjoyed the good fellowship and just some time to relax without any pressures of things needing to be done. Over the weekend, Hope and I also made some flower arrangements AND we planted all of our seeds in the shop. I can finally mark that one off of my things to do list.

Of course I have been hot and heavy into canning tomato products all weekend long. I ended up with 5 more pints and 2 quarts of tomato sauce. I should have had 5 pints of tomato relish, but I did a foolish thing. I turned the relish on to heat up so I could put it in the jars. I got sidetracked just for a minute, and I burned the entire pot of relish. This was so frustrating to me because I had spent a lot of time working on that relish. I have moved on, and I will make more today. However, I still get aggravated at myself when I think about it. My chickens did enjoy the mistake!

We are picking about 3/4 of a bushel of tomatoes every other day. They just keep coming!!! I will be canning some more whole tomatoes today as well as making more relish either today or tomorrow. Well, I guess I must get off the computer and get to work. Have a blessed day.

grace and peace,


Haymaker said...

I've got to start canning tomatoes this week to. Not nearly your yield though. :-) I've gotten by the first flush of maters by giving them away to pastors (first fruits to the church.)

Which recipe do you use for canning tomatos? I just got my great-grandmas pressure canner if needed.

TnFullQuiver said...

I like the first fruits! I may give an offering soon if the tomatoes don't take a break! I use the method to can tomatoes from the Ball Blue Book. It requires placing clean tomatoes in hot boiling water for 30 seconds to make skin loose. Peel tomatoes. Place in large pot...add some water. Boil for 5 minutes. Place tomatoes in prepared hot jars. Add 2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice and 1 teaspoon canning salt for each quart jar. Place new lids on jars. Place in a hot water bath for 45 minutes per quart. (Due to altitude where we live, I always boil mine for 50 minutes. If you don't want to mess with the hot water bath, you can place the tomatoes in freezer bags. I omit the lemon juice when I do this. This is a quick version of canning tomaotes. The only problem is that it is a bit more inconvient when you want to use the tomatoes because you have to remember to thaw them out before hand.
grace and peace,