Friday, August 17, 2007

A Few Other "This and Thats"

I had meant to share in my post yesterday that we finally found our coon that was eating our cantaloupes. This animal was much larger than I had anticipated, and I was horrified to see it eating our cantaloupes in person. This "coon" turned out to be our English Mastiff house dog!!!! As you can well imagine, my husband was not very happy. We are being much more diligent to keep an eye on her when she is near the bed of watermelons and cantaloupes.

Yesterday as I was watching our 10 year practice football, I was chatting with some of the other mothers. I mentioned that we had chickens that weren't laying any eggs and I was contemplating making chicken and dumplings out of them. One of the other mother's said that her chickens weren't laying either, and she believed it was due to the heat. I decided to put a hold on my chicken and dumplings idea...for now. Our family sure has missed the fresh eggs. They make baked products so much nicer. Our children complain whenever store bought eggs are put on the table for breakfast. They just don't taste as good. Often times to cover up the fact that the store bought eggs are pale and tasteless, I sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on the eggs before serving. It helps, but the kids still aren't fooled.

I am once again canning tomato sauce today. I picked well over a half a bushel basket of more tomatoes today. There are many more on the vines almost ready for the picking. Our cucumbers are on their last leg now. I could pull those plants up and feed them to the chickens. I am thankful that I have canned all the pickles that I will need for the next year. However, I will miss the fresh cucumbers in our salads. We also enjoy fresh cucumbers sliced and dipped in ranch dressing. It makes a tasty afternoon snack.

Our neighbor shared his abundance of okra with us last night. I was thrilled because our okra plants got a late start this year. We haven't cut any okra yet, but our plants are pretty. Okra happens to be one of the few vegetables that my kids ALL love. I can never make enough fried okra to satisfy everyone. I also use it in my Gumbo, and we love it that way as well.

It is still blazing hot here in Tn. Our high school postponed the football practice last night until 8:00pm due to the heat. I am ready for a bit of a cool down and more rain would also be a good thing around here.

And yes, it is football season once again. Our three oldest boys are all playing football again this year. The pictures are all from last football season. I had them all put on their jerseys so I could take pictures. I had wanted them to all get their full uniforms on, but no one wanted to play my picture game! Even the little guy jumped into the action! Due to their ages, they all 3 play on separate teams. This will be the last year for this problem. Next year our two older boys will both be in high school and will play together. Up until last year I never thought about our kids getting hurt playing sports. I am not naive, but I just never thought about it happening to our kids. Last year it did happen to our oldest son. He endured a severe broken arm, an ambulance ride, a night in the hospital, and surgery. Now I am so on pins and needles when they each play this sport. Our oldest had a HARD hit recently in a scrimmage game. (If I can tell it was a hard hit, you know it was a hard hit). My stomach sank as I sat there and watch him get up and be dazed. I left shortly after that. I decided I could let his dad be there, but I wasn't feeling so well anymore. I sometimes wish our boys had taken up something a bit more friendly on the body than football. However, all three of them really love playing the game. Now their Momma has just got to get back to the place of really loving watching them play the game!

grace and peace,

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