Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Happenings

We have been somewhat busy here on our farm and in our house today. Michael and I went out this morning and picked tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and flowers. We ended up weeding the green bean bed this past week. It looks so much better now than when this picture was taken. I have spent much of the morning canning. I canned 7 more quarts of tomatoes and 5 more quarts of Lime Pickles. I also started preparation for tonight's dinner, but I was sad to find out that we had run out of eggs from our chickens. It is hard to make many desserts without eggs, but Hope found some apple pie filling. We made an apple crisp that smells delicious. It will be the perfect ending to a fried chicken meal. I have also spent much of today cleaning house. There is still so many things left to do, but at least I am farther along than I was this morning when I started.
I enjoy Saturdays like today. There isn't anything pressing and we do not have anywhere we have to be tonight. It is a day for enjoying the beauty all around us and also for enjoying all the things that God has given to us. We are blessed.
grace and peace,

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