Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua Caleb

Today our second son turns 15. Josh is always a fresh breath of sunshine in our family. He always has something funny to add to any situation. He is a very good natured person and he is usually more than willing to help on the farm. He loves to be outdoors hunting and fishing. He truly is a great kid!

grace and peace,


closer2667 said...

handsome, dapper,dassing debenoir (is that how you spell it) at any rate he would have been called a Cary Grant but today would be, wait, i'll have to grandchild who is 15 and ask that jonas boy's name,ha. may his heart always be tender toward the things of God! a prayer wrote out loud

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you for you written prayer on Joshua's behalf...I couldn't agree more. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Josh!

Wow! The big 15. Our oldest will be 15 in Feb. Oh how time flies.