Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organizing Continues

I pulled our almost 15 year old son to help in Jacob and Seth's bedroom yesterday. I turned my back for just a minute and I found him playing with his four year old brother's toys!! Even with all the toy play, we did manage to get quite a bit accomplished in there. We still have a lot of office equipment to move out of the room. About 2 years ago, we moved the boys out of their adorable baseball room down to the basement to sleep with their older brothers. At the time, Michael was working full time at home and needed an office. We were out of rooms so the younger boys wanted to sleep with the older boys and we combined them all. Job situation has changed and we no longer need a home office. The younger boys are excited about heading back upstairs to their own room once again. The cleaning will continue for today. I REALLY need to repaint the room, but I think I will first try washing the walls. Did I mention that I don't like to paint???
grace and peace,


The Bradshaws said...


I absolutely DESPISE painting! However, a friend did a small bit of trim-painting at our house last year using one of our cheap paint brushes, and said she understands why I don't like it; she generally enjoys painting, but uses only Purdy brushes. She and a number of other friends swear by them; they say they are a life-time investment, and make painting much less of a chore.

You may have already tried a Purdy (No, I'm not getting paid to say this!), but if not, I thought maybe it would make painting somewhat more bearable! (I've not tried them yet, although we do have one or two of them, now. I still can't imagine not totally disliking painting!)

Mary Susan

TnFullQuiver said...

Mary Susan,
I am usually not a "brand snob", but I learned long ago that GOOD paint brushes were worth their weight in gold. I too love PURDY paint brushes. They do make the job MUCH more enjoyable...if you can say that about painting. I don't mind the actual painting..I just hate all the stuff that it know, the moving of the furniture, the clean up work and all of that.
Thanks so much for taking the time to pass along the tip.
grace and peace,