Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Little of This and That

Emu eggs were found this past week. There were 7 in all. That is just what we need is more of the predator birds running around the farm. Actually it is one of the few animals that I am really scared of. They stalk you just like the raptors in Jurassic Park. It is so odd to have one bird step out to get your attention while the 2 others (that you had know idea were anywhere in sight) get behind and circle you. I have seen my kids come running out of the woods on more than one occasion screaming that an emu was after them. We gathered the eggs for our neighbor who happens to own them. He suggested we eat them for breakfast. NO THANK YOU!!!
Don't let his angelic face sway you into believing he is innocent!! The first picture is one of Joshua's best friends who is always faithful to help out around here. He is the child that left the can lids off the feed cans so when I went to scoop out feed I found a possum. You can only imagine the fun that we have around here with the two of these boys!!!
While I was stopping our 4 year old from banging on the apple tree with a hammer, I noticed that we had apples. We so missed our apples last year due to the drought. Lord willing this year, I will be making a ton of applesauce in just a few short months!
My husband is going to kill me for this one so Cheri if I quit blogging you might want to come over and check on me. This one was just to funny to pass up not posting it. I got up early to take the two boys in the above pictures to a school function. When I came back home, I was stunned to find that there was another woman in my bed and on MY pillow to be exact. Michael and Seth had no idea that I had even left. Seth came crawling in our bed sometime in the middle of the night. You just never know what you might find here on our farm!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Are the neighbor's emus not fenced in? Do they stalk you on your own property? I love the second picture with that innocent smile on that boyish face. I also really love that last picture. My brother has a dog just like that. I told them to look at a couple of your blog entries that involved your dog. =)

Amy said...

That last picture is hysterical and so sweet; this is what our dog Allie does (although she is not quite that large). :)

On a weird (funny) note, right as I was reading the part where you mention the emus being like the raptors on Jurassic Park, my husband was changing television channels and I started hearing the Jurassic Park theme music......He was watching it on television.:)

Tell your husband, don't be mad.....That really is the sweetest picture.:)

God Bless,

Mountain Mama said...

I hope everything is ok on the homefront after posting the picture of husband in bed. That picture is hilarious. Missy is a smart dog. When there is an opening on the bed, by all means take it girl!!
ps all my children want to do is play Mexican train in the evenings. It is a fun game for all ages.

TnFullQuiver said...

Our neighbor's emus are fenced in, but they keep making a hole through the fence. They come on our side quite often. Just last week Michael and Jacob with the help of our Border Collie (which happens to look a lot like your dog's picture) ran them off. They haven't been back. We were hoping that by removing their eggs that they would stay home. Our neighbor is wonderful and all we would have to do is say something, but we didn't want to. However I think my daughter told him of her and her friend's latest scare. If he had any idea that she was frightened, he would have gotten rid of every one of his emus. He is just that kind of man.

I am sure your brother has some tales to tell if he owns a Mastiff. They are the BEST dogs ever, and at times the worste dogs ever!!! I love her to pieces even AFTER she ate a huge hole in our mattress along with a set of sheets and a brand new pillow and chewed a hole in our feather blanket!!!

That is too funny about the Jurasic Park music. When Michael saw the picture, I told him what you said about not being mad. He grinned just a wee bit!!

Well, as you can see I am still alive and well. Although I think I am going to make my sweeetie Biscuits and Gravy and Sausage for breakfast this morning since that is his favorite.
In our home, Mexican Train is a great winter time game. We always play it whenever my brothers and their families gather at my mom's house. I also love Rummicube (spelling?). We also enjoy playing Pictionary with our kids. We divide up into 2 teams so the game doesn't take so long.
grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

You know, sometimes it just amazes me how much your Missy & our Mary Jane look alike. They would be such fun to get together for a farm play day! I don't know if Mary Jane has ever even seen another Mastiff.

TnFullQuiver said...

Does Mary Jane get in the bed when there is a vacancy? Missy's mom lives just across the field from us, but Missy hasn't even noticed. She is great with other dogs so I think she would love to play with something a little her own size. When she gets too full of herself, she runs with the horses!
grace and peace,