Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Boy

There once was a boy who loved to play ball...He had brothers galore to do it all.
He laughed and he played until his eyes crossed...
His older brother was usually the boss!
He loved to hunt and shoot him some guns...He was known to be found fishing under the sun.He was a child that wasn't afraid to work...And he was always willing to hold the little squirt!Then one day the little boy grew... He turned into a fine young man that was so true.
He still had the smile that lit up the room...
And we knew that one day he would be some body's groom.
But for today we are so thankful...That he still is young and keeps our hearts and hands full!!!


Marci said...

I loved your poem. I love his hat. They sure do grow up fast. My baby (the only one God gave me) is 24 and getting married in October. I am really struggling.... It is bittersweet. I need a houseful. =)

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you for the poem compliment. My husband said my poem was goofy. I challenged him to do better, but he wasn't up to the challenge!

I remember when Michael and I got married. Michael's mom was happy, but she struggled with the feeling of being left behind. He had already joined the Navy and was moving out of the area so she was also trying to adjust to that concept. We got married right after he finished boot camp. Anyway, she didn't embrace me as a daughter instead I became the reason he wasn't with her still. (She divorced Michael's father the same week we got married. They had been married 21 years). When Michael took leave and we traveled to Ky, she wanted him to be with her all the time. She became very jealous of the time that he spent with my family. (The day we got married my dad embraced him as a son. He treated him as a son, and a wonderful friendship grew. When my dad died, Michael grieved as a son). To make a long story short his mom spent the first five years being resentful that I had taken her son. She has come around now. The birth of our babies did help, but it put such a wedge between Michael and her. He forgave her, but their relationship still isn't what I would hope mine would be with my sons when they get married. I made it a priority to pray for our childrens spouses. I am looking forward to having more "daughters" in our home when our sons find their wives. I will also embrace another "son" when Hope finds her husband.

I would have responded so much better if Michael's mom would have just talked to us about it. She hid her feelings because she didn't want to upset us, but we KNEW something was wrong. For years, I just thought she didn't like me. Now after 21 years of marriage, I understand that she had a lot on her plate at the time. She had a lot of adjustments and there is grace for that time. However at the age of 19, Michael and I didn't have that insight.

Just be open with your son and his soon to be wife. Bittersweet is a wonderful way to describe it...happy for the future but sad about the chapter of your life that is closing. Also remember one important thing...marriage usually produces grandbabies!!!

grace and peace,