Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Just Around the Corner

Mother's Day is just 4 days away, and I am left trying to make up my mind once again about my Mom's gift. I am one of those strange women who like acts of service as gifts. For example, several times I have asked that my Mother's Day gift be a big family day of planting the garden. I always throw the catch in that everybody MUST be smiling while working and there can be NO fighting amongst the children while planting in the garden. Our oldest son who hates working in the garden begged me to let him by me a gift instead. NOPE, I wanted his time and energy complete with a smiling face.
I would love to do something like this for my mom. I would love to put her together a basket of flowers. I would love to have her over for a family dinner on Mother's Day. I would even love to give her something that she can't do for herself like moving out furniture and cleaning behind it or taking down the garden area in her backyard. I would love to plant some beautiful flowers in her yard for her. All of these ideas would be things that my mom would enjoy. However I can't just drive 6 hours to Ky. right now so I am left trying to come up with a gift that she will like and that I can afford. Whenever she wants something, she can buy it so my options are a bit limited. I think I will send her some beautiful spring flowers. She loves cut flowers, but she won't splurge to purchase them for herself. I know they don't last long, but they will be a reminder of a daughter who loves her and is thinking of her.
I think the best Mother's Day gift that I have ever put together came last year. I was at our local feed store. They have added a beautiful section of outdoor things. I happened to ring what looked to be a set of wind chimes. The sound was so sweet and they sounded just like church bells. They are called Corinthian Bells and they had a huge price tag. So I called my siblings and asked if we could all go in together for Mother's Day and our mom's birthday gift They agreed and it made a wonderful gift. So if you are looking for a wonderful gift and have some extra money to put to it or extra people to help then check out a set of Corinthian Bells.
grace and peace,


Amy said...

Beautiful flowers, Julie!
I will definitely check out the Corinthian Bells.

God Bless,

Marci said...

Julie, you are so blessed that you still have your Mom with you. Call her as often as you can and tell her you love her. There is a big hole that can't be filled when they are gone. I am not fussin' at ya, just encouragin ya.

I love your idea of the whole family in the garden. That is great.

Hope your Mother's Day is special.

By the way, Wisteria often grows in trees or on structures. I am not sure how I have gotten mine to be bush like. I was told if I make a trellis for it, to use 4X4 posts as it will tear anything else down. It grows well in the south.

TnFullQuiver said...

I am so excited about your trip! I can't wait to read the next part. I especially loved the story about the painting in the hotel. God is so wonderful to give us just what we need when we need it!!

My mom called me crying yeserday afternoon. She had just been in a car wreck and was very upset. She was fine, but her car was heavily damaged. She was so upset about her car because this was the last thing my dad did for her before he died. He knew his time was very short and he wanted her to have a new car so he went out and purchased her one that he knew would be reliable for her remaining years. I think he only drove it for a few weeks before he became so sick he couldn't drive anymore. I reminded her cars can be fixed, but she was the important thing.
Thanks for the wisteria information. I have really been very curious about it, but I haven't found anybody to help anwer my questions until you posted pictures on your blog. I love learning from other people. I have learned so much from reading other people's blogs and I have gleaned some wonderful ideas from others. Thanks!!!
grace and peace,