Sunday, January 04, 2009

Come and Take a Walk With Me

Michael and I took a Sunday afternoon walk. The weather was warm and sunny this afternoon. It was warm enough that I opened up the dining room door while we ate dinner to let the breeze blow through our house. Robert spent yesterday continuing the clearing process on our woods. He is well over half way done now. I almost feel like we have purchased new land now that the old dead trees have been removed.

There is still A LOT of clean up required before these woods can become pastures for our animals. This is one of the brush piles that Robert will be burning. He still has to finish the hill side to the right of the road.

This picture was taken from our upper pasture. You can see how thin the tree line has become. We now have a view of the mountains. I prefer the hedged in feeling of being hidden by the trees, but that was one thing I had to give up for new pastures.

Here are some logs that Robert is saving to turn into lumber. We will keep some of them for our own building projects and Robert will take some for himself. I believe that we will use ours on the barn addition that is scheduled to take place soon.

Here are more logs waiting to be removed for other projects. I think we are going to use a portable saw mill to cut them for our use. Sounds like a lot of work to me, but I am looking forward to the end results.
I can't wait until we have this farm in a better working condition. We have the plan now we just need the time and money to execute it. I am ready for the animals to move out of our backyard. I miss my children being able to go outside and run and romp in the backyard. It won't be long now and we will have the animals moved to their designated areas (I hope).
We also spent some time this weekend working with the sheep. I will post about that tomorrow, and I will also include some pictures.
grace and peace,

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