Thursday, January 01, 2009

Garden Goals

Today the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, the dinner is well on its way to being finished, and I have a few extra minutes on my hands. I decided to start an inventory on my seeds and make my list for my seed order. I want to place the order in the next few weeks. I know I have enough broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seeds to get started planting. I am so missing my fresh veggies. I had no idea how much I really depended on them to round out our meals. I also am going to start more lettuce in our makeshift greenhouse. I want to be ready to plant when the weather is ready. I have set a few garden goals for our little farm this year. First is that I want to plant potatoes. I want a large patch of Yukon Golds. This doesn't sound difficult, but I always manage to miss the planting season. The other goal is that I want to plant Sweet Potatoes. We have never grown sweet potatoes before, but I figure that they can't be that hard. I also want to grow our own corn this year. We have done this in times past, but the last few years we have bought corn from a local farmer. His corn is grown organically and it is wonderful, but it does cost a lot of money. I could plant a lot of corn for what I pay him to raise it for us!

grace and peace,


closer2667 said...

one day i'll have a garden, sniff, sniff (crying). i just ate an organic mixed salad from my dearest friend, pam's garden, and it was wonderful. her own brocolli, kale, spinach, yum yum so good. so funny, i order seed magazines so i should know what i'm doing by that time, haha

Nancy said...

Thanks for letting me know about Missy. I pray that she will heal well - and quickly! I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

Let me know how she's doin!

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Paige said...

Oh, to have a garden again. Yet another reason that Dan and I canNOT wait to buy a house and be able to dig up our lawn if we want! I miss it so badly!

Sweet potatoes are a breeze to grow! You all have the perfect, hot weather for it, too! Ohio even managed to give us a pretty good crop the year I tried it. One of them was the size of a football! I just used some from the grocery store that had waited long enough to grow some buds--and rescued it for the garden before it got eaten. I just planted it and grew it like regular potatoes, watered it well all summer, and treated it really similarly to regular potatoes. If you have Back to Basics, check in that book. That's all the help I ever used!

Best of luck!