Friday, January 09, 2009

Quick Updates

We had another lamb born last night. She was a nice size girl and all seems to being going well for both her and the mom. This puts our total sheep count at 22.

Missy is getting along great with her broken foot. She has enjoyed lots of down time with her boys and she is now able to hop up and down the stairs. She won't do this unless she just really wants to be downstairs. If all the boys are downstairs watching a movie, she will be motivated enough to make the trek down to the basement. She is still sleeping upstairs. Now that she has only three good legs to work with, she hasn't stolen any food off the counter, and she hasn't scratched any more doors. She has learned to bark for someone to let her out so I am hoping that this will break her habit of scratching our doors. I can't tell you how much I would like to replace all the interior doors in our home. They were bad before we ever got Missy, and they are much worse now! Who knows, with the prospect of new doors I might even finish painting the trim!
grace and peace,


Kelly said...

Hi Julie,

Glad to hear Missy is doing well. I thought I'd mention that it is easy to train a dog to ring a bell that hangs on the "out" door, and from what I've read, Missy has the smarts. Just hang a bell from a string on the door that you use to let her out. Make her ring that bell with her nose every time you take her through it, and say "ring the bell". You will have to hold her nose and guide her to ring it for a while. When she eventually figures out that she can ring the bell and a human will let her out, you'll be home free. Good luck!

- Kelly

Lynn Bartlett said...

When I was growing up we had a dog that also scratched doors to let us know she wanted in or out. The bedroom door in the basement was especially one she scratched up. Now many years later when I go home to visit my folks, I look at those scratches and remember the dog I loved so much. There are memories tied to those scratches!

Nancy said...

So glad to hear that Missy is getting along well. :O)

TnFullQuiver said...

That is a great tip. I wish I would have known about the bell when Missy was small and we were house training her. Thank you for sharing the information.

It is amazing what brings back sweet memories from our childhood to us. My kids will have to find something else to hang onto because these doors won't be here much longer!! Well, I have said that for the last 4 years so who knows I may still have them when I am 80!!!

Yes, Missy is doing just fine. She has had a bit of jealousy today because we took our nursing time to spend with the new lamb instead of her. I am sure she will chew something up in utter disgust of being neglected throughout the day!

grace and peace,