Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Storm Updates

I made a mad dash to Ky to pick up my mom and nephew who are still without power. They have been told that it could take up to a month to restore the power. We are tucked away safe and sound here in our home, but guess what... We are due to have a snow/ice storm starting this Monday. Michael promptly made a purchase of firewood and he also bought kerosene. We also filled up the car with gas. A good start for the just in case emergency!!!
I am looking forward to looking at the comments that you left about being prepared. I will get to that later this evening or tomorrow!! Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming!!!
grace and peace,


Andrea Cherie said...

We had a nice ice storm this past week- I made sure we had plenty of toilet paper before it hit! That is one thing you REALLY don't want to run out of while stuck at home!

TnFullQuiver said...

Oh yes...that is a great reminder!!! Mental note made!! Thanks,