Friday, January 23, 2009

Morning Routines ReEstablished

I usually wear make-up everyday. I started this early on in my marriage because I felt more together if I took the time to get cleaned up everyday. Even when my husband was away at sea, I still tried my best to shower, put on make-up and put on decent clothes. For me as a stay at home mom, I always feel more together if I do theses simple steps. The past week I have abandoned the whole make-up thing. I still got cleaned up, but I didn't go into the other bathroom and apply my make-up. I noticed my husband and older boys were asking me if I was o.k. I wasn't totally putting two and two together. I then realized that they were just used to seeing me with make-up and my hair fixed. Then I started thinking why wasn't I doing those things. Then I remembered... for some odd reason the thought of having to step over lamb droppings to get to my make-up seemed to discourage me from that chore. Just so you know...the lamb has moved to the shop so for all of those who care... I am now once again fixing my hair and doing my make-up!!! It is amazing how a clean bathroom floor will inspire me to get back to my regular scheduled routine!

grace and peace,


Amy said...

That is funny! At my house, when I put clothes on in the morning and brush my hair (as opposed to my pajamas with a pony tail routine), my kids both look at me and ask, "Are we going somewhere?" LOL!:)

I guess I need to establish a better routine myself.

Have a blessed weekend!

Unknown said...

you know i have been trying to do the same thing especially since i have closed my offices, (had to get all dolled up)and moved here to ga.i find if i don't do that, i really hang around in my pj's longer than really i should and therefore my day (this is for me personally not anyone else) really gets started a lot later. i am just a better person when i follow my old good habits and i get a lot more done. oh, and your hair and makeup do look good.