Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jacob Had a Little Lamb

Here is our little Angel this morning taking her second bottle. It has been a long time since I had to get up in the middle of the night and give a bottle to a little one.
I know there are other things going on at our house other than sheep and lambs, but for the life of me I can't think of them right now. Our hands are just so busy with this new little one. We are in for a cold spell the next few nights. Michael is trying to get the doors built for our shelter that is located on the side of the barn. We never intended all of our sheep using the shelter. They were built as a chicken pen and two small ram pens. However, with the low temperatures headed our way, we figured we needed to give our sheep some extra warmth. He is also going to pick up a heat lamp that would be used for baby chicks. We feel that having the sheep and lambs contained in the shelter will keep them warm enough. The plus side is that once this cold spell is past, the chicken pen will be up and running so I will be able to order my chicks. I just got a catalog and I think I know just the combo that I want. (Jerry R, I will remember to get the ones that we owe you). We did a barter...apples for chicks!!!!
grace and peace,


Paige said...

Oh wow! That's so sweet! It must be quite the adventure having all the animals around! And I loved your comment on the hardwood floors--yet another reason to have them!

Teri said...

Ok - there is some MAJOR bonding going on there!

closer2667 said...

ohhh, can we keep her, hehe

TnFullQuiver said...

There is always an adventure at our house!!!

There is some major bonding, and I had to put my foot down just yesterday. Of course there is more to that story, and it will be coming up in a post soon.

yes, you should head up this way and take your turn at feeding and playing with her. You better hurry because she has already bonded with our 3 younger children. She goes from room to room looking for them!

grace and peace,