Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rain Rain Come Again and Turn Into Snow!!

We have had so much rain for the last few weeks. Our pond is finally almost full once again. We haven't seen our pond this high in the last two years! We have been in such a serious drought here in our area that precipitation in any form is well received. This morning it just started snowing! I don't think we will get much accumulation, but it sure is beautiful.
Jacob is out checking his sheep. He wanted to make sure that there weren't any new lambs born last night that might be cold this morning. He is a good little shepherd. It sure makes my life easier that he is the one out and about checking on the animals instead of me! Remember, I am a fair weather farmer!!!!
grace and peace,


Marci said...

Enjoy your snow!!!!

closer2667 said...

wow! that pix is beautiful. right now i'm in ga (central) and temp went to low of 35 deg and being a fl girl, i have on layerrs layerrs and layers of clothes, ha! but i figure by the time i get to tn i'll be acclimated, ha

Almost empty nester said...

I am in Upstate NY where it snows from morning to night from Dec 1 - Mar 30. Although I complain about it I am not sure I would give it up. Enjoy yours!!

Teri said...

Pond - hmmm... Question...

Did your property already have a sealed pond on it? Did you have to seal it? We have a pond that won't hold water and are at a loss...

Enjoy the snow!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks Marci!!! It wasn't enough snow to even enjoy other than the coming down part of it!

Yes, you should be nice and acclimated!

We too lived in Upstate New York. Our first son was born in Saratoga Springs. It was so beautiful, and I enjoyed living there so much. We loved visiting all the border states. Our son was born at the end of April, and it snowed the weekend before his birth!! I was amazed. I loved the snow until about March and then I was sick of it. I finished my college education at SUNY in Albany. I got quite good at driving in the snow because they NEVER called school off for snow days! I do wish we had more snow here in East Tennessee. I miss it. Enjoy your winter and snow!!

Our pond was here when we bought our property. Our neighbors just dug a beauty of a pond and even included this beautiful bridge. the only problem is that it won't hold water. The sealed it, but it hasn't helped. The man that dug it for them suggested they fence it it and put hogs in it for a year. He said that was old timers used to do for a pond that didn't hold water. According to the man, the hogs would help to seal it and their manure would be good for it too. I don't know if this is really true, but I thought I would pass it along to you. Ask around and see if there is any truth to this process.

grace and peace,