Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Sad Day

We lost our first baby animal here on our farm sometime today. One of our ewes had her lamb in the hay, but it did not survive. According to the account of my boys, it looked as if it might have been stepped on by a cow. We will now have to pen the sheep back up in the little pen area until the lambing season is completed. They have access to the barn from the pen area so perhaps it will also help keep the new lambs a bit warmer. I am thinking we will keep the Peter the Great and the cows in the backyard. We may go ahead and put them back out in the pasture, but not quite for sure of all the logistics.

grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

Oh, I am sorry.
Seems to be a learning curve with farming. And you are learning.

Nancy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Julie. Losing an animal is Soooo difficult - absolutely heart-wrenching sometimes.

How's Missy getting along?

Joy said...

Oh dear.. so sad. I hate it when we lose animals. So far we have lost some chicks, and yesterday my dd's new bunny died. It is all part of the learning process though.
Do you have any more lambs due? I hope all goes well with them if you do.

closer2667 said...

i am so sorry and sorry for that mommy too. without sounding TOO ingnorant, is that the sheeps coat that is coming off?

TnFullQuiver said...

We are on a steep learning curve, and I will be glad when we have done this enough to be much better at it.

Missy is hopping along just fine. She gets tired easier now that she only has 3 legs to get around on! She has to make a weekly trip to the vet to get xrays and a new splint. Good thing she likes car rides! Thanks for asking.

Yes, all of our ewes are pregnant. They should be here any time! I pray we don't lose any more of them. It made it easier because the boys just found the little lamb dead. It wasn't like it was alive with attachments already made.

You are very right. That is their hair coming off. We raise hair sheep. They do not require shearing, but their hair comes off by the patch full. That picture was taken when they were still shedding off their hair. Now that it is winter, they are not parting with any of their warm coat.
grace and peace,