Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Come Take a Walk With Me Through My Garden

The weather is beautiful this morning. I woke to a gorgeous pink sky with the sun just peaking out from behind the mountains and the sounds of sheep in the pasture. There is a slight breeze and the temperature is near perfect for a walk. Grab your coffee and let's head out the back door to the garden... Our zucchini and squash are coming along nicely. I will be enjoying some fried zucchini and squash casseroles very soon. I will also make some zucchini bread with the extras in the near future. I have a friend who begs me for the flowers off of my squash and zucchini plants. Apparently you can do some wild gourmet thing with them. I like my flowers right were they are at...making more squash and zucchini!
This is my first time to grow cauliflower...isn't it just beautiful?

Here is my cauliflower and broccoli bed. If you look closely you can see I used my daughter's rubber band hair holders to tie my cauliflower in a bunch. This is done in order to make the cauliflower white and not be bitter. When I was in Tnfarmgirl's garden (link at the sidebar), she used clothespin to pin hers together. I thought that was even a better idea, but I didn't have any clothespins! With all boys in her family, I guess she didn't have any little girl ponytail holders!!!
Here is another full bed of broccoli plants. They are almost finished for the season so in the next few days we will be pulling up this bed and feeding some of it to the chickens. Out with the old and in with the new!
Here is our bed with the strawberries that we planted this year. If you watch closely, you can almost see them grow right before your eyes. They have done wonderful this year.
And next you will see my green bean bed. These are bush beans that my dear son and his friend Kolin planted for me. They planted about double the amount of beans that they were suppose to plant that day. They told me if some was good more was better! The bed is full to the brim and there are already blooms on the plants. I hope those boys stick to their philosophy of some is good more is better when we are picking and breaking these beans!!!
This is one of 3 tomato beds that I have planted. I will be putting in one more bed of tomatoes in the next week. I have the plants, but no room in the inn for them! These tomatoes are our eating tomatoes. I have Super Sweet 100's and Cherokee Purples and a few Big Boys in here. We should have already staked them, but that will get done today.
Here is a view of our cabbage bed. I also wanted to share my harvest basket with you. I had always wanted one of those handy dandy harvest baskets. This basket was my last birthday gift from my dad to me. He knew I really wanted one and he ordered it for me from a catalog. It was also one of the only gifts that he and my mom ever gave me early. He gave it to me the month before my birthday because he wasn't for sure he would be alive on my actual birthday. You see, he was dying of cancer. Anyway, whenever I take my garden basket to harvest from our garden, I often stop and think of him. It always brings a smile to my face...just a small token of a love of gardening that was shared by him as well.
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. I hope you enjoyed your walk with me this morning!
grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

I am getting in my car and I am headed East for TN!! Oh how I would love to sit with you for the afternoon over a cup of tea and huge FRESH salad.
Everything looks beautiful and tasty. I have a boy with the same philosophy ~ if a little is good, more is better.
ps love the harvest basket and the love it "carries"

Marci said...

Everything is looking wonderful. I have never had much success with cauliflower. Maybe I should try again.

ChickenMama said...

What a sweet memory to have.

I've never done well with broccoli or cauliflower either. If I plant it in the spring, it seems to go directly from "not quite there" to bolting. I've decided it gets too hot too fast and maybe I should try it in the fall instead. Maybe this year.

Your garden looks great! You're way ahead of us. We got a late start this year and won't see any veggies for a while yet. With a toddler to watch and Joe traveling so much, we've just been trying to get an hour here and there to plant and weed. Not even half planted yet! Oh well. We'll keep at it.

Dreamer said...

You have a beautiful garden. I wish I had the time to plant such a large garden.

The basket is wonderful with a the special memories attached. The garden is such a great place for reminiscing.

TnFullQuiver said...

I bet it would be quicker to hop on a plane!!! I can only imagine how much our boys could plant together!! I think it is a male mentality of more is better!!!!

I have never been able to grow cauliflower. I have no idea what i did different this year to make it work, but I hope I can repeat it next year!!!

I harvest my broccoli early. We have the same problem with them being small one day and then the next day they have made flowers. I fixed that by cutting them small. I have never grown the beautiful huge stalks of broccoli that you find in the grocery store. It maybe the variety that I grow, but I just cut them small. Don't feel bad about being behind. Believe me we are behind too!! (I just haven't posted about that yet)! We still don't have any okra in the ground or pole beansor corn. We waited too late to plant our seed potatoes and the whole bag rotted and had to be thrown away. I still have 2 tables full of plants setting on my back deck that I need to have beds for. Did I mention that I don't have any cantaloupe or watermelon in the greound yet??? We can only do what we can and that is o.k. Especially when we have small children and toddlers helping us. There are more important things than raising a garden...like raising those little ones that the Lord has so blessed us with!!!

Thanks...the garden is truly my haven. Your time will come, my friend.
grace and peace,