Monday, June 02, 2008

Garden Bounty

These are all the goodies that yesterday's trip to the garden yielded. I included the eggs in my loot because the chickens are right by the garden so I always gather their eggs right before I pick from the raised beds! I gathered our first zucchini and cauliflower. I have NEVER been able to raise cauliflower before so I was thrilled with this experiment. I am looking forward to adding some of it to a salad to see how it tastes. I don't think I have ever eaten fresh from the garden cauliflower. I cut most of our lettuce yesterday. The days are getting hotter and it will turn that older lettuce bitter. I have several more patches sprinkled throughout the beds, but not much of the new seeds have even come up as of yet. Truth be told I have eaten so much lettuce that I am ready for a short break anyway. I am sure my children are glad to see the salad bowls empty for a time! However with the lettuce that I cut yesterday I think we will be eating eat it for the next week!!! I cut all of our Black Seeded Leaf Lettuce and I pulled several green onions. Sometime this week I will be making my all time favorite salad in the world. It is called Wilted Lettuce and I think you have to be southern to like it!! On the day I make it, I will share the recipe and if you are brave you can try it. There are few foods that I don't make my children at least try, but Wilted Lettuce is one of them. Hey, I think they are missing out but it leaves more for myself!!!
I was also able to cut some more side shoots off of our broccoli. It must be close to being done by now, but I just wanted to give it a wee bit more time to make sure. I need that bed so badly, but I love fresh broccoli. I ended up with probably 50 broccoli plants. There has been plenty of broccoli for our family to eat fresh, but there is no where near enough for me to freeze any for a later date. I will be starting seeds again soon so that I can have a fall harvest of broccoli this year. I also cut some more cabbage yesterday. It won't be long and I will cut some to freeze for soup or fried cabbage.
Have you had a successful spring garden???
grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful harvest of goods!
Not sure about the "Wilted Lettuce" salad. But you do have me curious.
Again, thank you for all of your encouraging words last week. Oh so helpful! Especially the one about embracing my husband. I did that the night I got your email and he was so blessed. He needed it and I hadn't even thought of it. Too consumed with my own hurts.

motherofmany said...

Wilted lettuce salad...reminds me of my grandma.

TnFullQuiver said...

Mother of Many,
Yes wilted lettuce is one of those dishes that gramdmas loved. My grandmother sure did love it. It's just one of those kinds of things!

I am so glad that my words were valuable to you. I am also glad that you could learn from my took me a while to realize that Michael needed me during the loss of a baby just as much as I needed him. Even though he wasn't having lunatic mommy moments, his pain was just as heavy as mine. He understood the loss of a baby...the loss of the same baby that I was grieving because he was walking it right along side of me. He also had the conern for me and my health that I didn't have to worry with. I pray you have a wonderful day with your little ones and your husband!!

grace and peace,