Friday, May 01, 2009


I found our horses a new home yesterday. I am so excited that they are going to a good home with older girls that will care for them. I know the horses will be trained and brushed like they never were here. I am excited. However, this means that my days of horse ownership will soon be coming to a close. I will miss their sweet loves and the sound of their hooves running down the hill. I have so enjoyed these big babies, but I know we are making the right decision. I didn't think it would be easy to give them away, but the Lord has given me such peace about it. They will remain on our farm until June. This will give me a few more weeks to enjoy them.

grace and peace,

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Unknown said...

i know, i do, i do!my little "Passion Flower Who" arrived when she was 3 mo's old.everyday off to my sisters house where she lived on green green grass and big oaks, i would feed her and literally sit in my lawn chair and watch while she ate. i had her trained, joke, had a rider for her, joke, had a personal vet, joke, and a special little room for her, joke, because see, i never learned to ride. so after 3 years i sold her and now she is an award winner, reigning horse for the state of florida. so see after THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, i did something good for florida. i too had peace! i'm making fun of myself!