Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mother's Day Desires

My love language is acts of service. I enjoy a nice gift, but I LOVE when somebody does an act of service for me. This brings me to Mother's Day. Every year I ask for the same Mother's Day gift. My oldest son already is dreading his part. He has a job now, and he would rather spend $$ on me than what I really want. He knows me well enough to know that won't work. So he is preparing himself for the day ahead. My desire is that everybody work in the garden with me, and be HAPPY about it. We will finish planting, and we will set up the drip works to the beds that are already planted. We will weed the strawberries and just get everything in tip top shape in the garden. In the past, I have spotted our two oldest boys doing a rain dance on Mother's Day. If you want to see happy kids, come to my house on Mother's Day if it is raining HARD outside. This happened last year. Truth be told I just like all of us to be together on Mother's Day, and if we can do it in the garden that is just a bonus for me! The one thing I don't want to do on Mother's Day is to go to a restaurant. I like having my men folk grill a nice meal, and I don't even mind chipping in and helping in the kitchen. Some may call me weird, but I would so much rather eat at our own table than at a busy restaurant. How about you? What do you enjoy doing on Mother's Day?

grace and peace,


UB said...

What a welcoming blog. Your picturs are brillant, mouth watering. Truly inspirational, congratulations!
You grow your own, the sweetest and best.
I have discovered blogging and its amazing you can travel all over the world. It would be rally nice to be there in person, at least some places.

Do drop by;

MHf said...

Long time, no talk! We used to talk when I had my blog in Seattle: After moving, I'm still not settle, but finally getting back to checking blogs. Would love to talk again! Here's our new blog: Hope to talk to you soon.

Andrea Cherie said...

You're not weird for wanting to eat REAL food!

We are getting our mother's dogwood trees this year. My mom commented last week that she's planted 2 in her adult life, but no longer lives at either of those houses. Guess that was a pretty good hint!

Paige said...

Well, Dan and I won't be home for mother's day, but...

It's our first anniversary!

Normally, we'd probably make something at home since we enjoy it more, but we have a gift certificate (wedding present) to a VERY expensive restaurant in town--definitely one that we wouldn't be able to afford without it. It'll be a fun treat!

And I agree with the gardening! I've made a few broad hints about plants/gardening stuff always being a good idea for a present, no matter the occasion! :)

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am lloking forward to dropping by and seeing what you have. Enjoy your day!

I am glad your back. Looking forward to catching up with you!

Andrea Cherie,
What a great idea for a gift!!! I have thought that giving rose bushes instead of cut roses would be a lovely gift. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope had told me that you all would be celebrating your first on Mother's Day. Enjoy! We spent our first anniversary in Montreal, Canada. What a wonderful experience for two 20 year olds from Kentucky! We had a ball, and many grand memories were made. Love ya!

grace and peace,