Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation: Mission Accomplished

We have been busy in the garden, and now we are starting to reap the rewards. Fresh broccoli is so wonderful. I am thinking about making a creme of broccoli soup with homemade bread for dinner tonight. Don't forget to add a huge garden salad to the mix. It is tasty and cheap so what could be better?

My flowers decided to bloom at just the right time this year. I had a beautiful vase for the entire weekend. I got to share them with the out of town family that came to celebrate the graduation with us.
And speaking of graduation...it was wonderful. I am thankful that the weekend went so well. We all had a lot of fun!
Matthew had asked his dad if he could have a big camp out with some of his graduating friends on Saturday night. They were going to camp out by our pond and fish all night. My husband said yes, but he forgot to mention it to me. By the time I found out about it, it was pouring down rain and all the extra boys ended up in our basement. They had a ball, and I was happy that they found a safe place to spend graduation night. We have one major rule at our house for sleepovers with teenagers. We make all teenagers leave their car keys in our bedroom at night. This way they can't leave without our knowledge. This was my husband's idea...I wonder what he did at sleepovers when he was a teenager????
grace and peace,


Tracy said...

Oh, I wish our broccoli was ready. Enjoy that soup!

Unknown said...

your baby is so cute!!! wonderful pics, just wonderful!what a great idea about the keys. never would i have thought to do that, never. your broccoli looks like it does in the stores, big, green and scrumptious looking, what did you do to make such big heads?

TnFullQuiver said...

Your cheese looks fantastic. Too bad we couldn't combine my broccoli and your cheese!!!!

I have no idea why the heads did so well this year. I think it is the variety, but I don't remember which variety is which. I was disappointed last year because our broccoli was so small. this year is making up for it!!

grace and peace,

Boysaplenty!! said...

Congrats to you graduate!!