Thursday, May 07, 2009


Our garden is growing nicely. I am going to harvest broccoli and some strawberries today. I could cut some lettuce, but it doesn't go with my supper menu so I will leave it to grow for another day. I have many plants sitting on my patio table waiting to be planted, but the rain won't stop long enough. I am waiting and hoping that by Sunday it will be dry enough to plant. I planted an entire bed of baby zinnias, but something happened and they are all gone. Zinnias are my all time favorite flower so you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as it dries up I will be planting lots of zinnia seeds. I do have some sunflowers poking through the ground. I love to make flower arrangements with different varieties of sunflowers. They are so cheerful placed in pretty vases throughout the house.
In some ways, it seems like a slow going garden season. I know that shortly we will be living, eating, and breathing garden produce so I am o.k. for now.
grace and peace,


Unknown said...

you know same thing with my "little garden". i have had to replant 3 times now my flower seeds? rain or something, i don't know, but they have not come up not even marigolds. caterpillars can grow marigolds. but as of right now i do have a nice selection growing AGAIN so lets see and i wish lots of growing on your little seeds!

MHf said...

Pretty pink flower. Our lettuce is almost too prolific. We're going to have salad with every meal, I think! Can't complain, though, because I'd rather walk to garden than pay at the store!!

Trixi said...

That zinnia is beautiful. I haven't grown them before but obviously need to add it to my list.

Paige said...

Again, can I say "jealous!" We're finally getting our baby leaves on all the trees here and I've been pushing my luck leaving our little patio garden out on our deck! We've had a few nights in the 30s still, but I've been lucky!

I love zinnias, too! One of my favorites years, I tossed a bunch of extra black sunflower seeds (from the bird feed section!) and they grew THOUSANDS of the cutest, 2 1/2-3 foot tall plants with flowers about 4 inches wide. The ones I didn't bring inside for arrangements, I left up and was treated by dozens of goldfinches gobbling up the seeds in the fall! Definitely the cheapest way to grow "wildflowers" for the birds that I've seen!

Mountain Mama said...


Guess what! We planted raspberry stalks from my dad's garden, last fall. AND they survived the winter. Looks like we may have a garden afterall. A Garden of Raspberries. I have already told the children - "if you can't find me, look in the raspberries!"