Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Think I Shot Myself in the Foot!!!

We rarely eat out at a restaurant of any kind. This didn't happen because we are such good farmers that we don't have to eat out at restaurants. Truth be told, this life style developed from our first year of marriage. Michael was an E-3 Navy boy and I was in college. There wasn't much money to eat out so we had to make do with what we had. We still wanted to have fun so I learned quickly at the ripe old age of 19 to pack picnics so we could eat while we were out hiking or playing. When Michael was stationed in upstate New York, we would save the money to drive to Vermont for the day, but there was always a cooler of goodies in the back so we didn't have to spend any extra. My children grew up this way. Again it had nothing to do with health, but everything to do with money. To this day, I still view a McDonald's Big Mac as a treat. I really like it although I hardly ever indulge in it!
Yesterday evening Michael called from his drive home from work and invited us to ride to the bank with him to deposit his check. I had dinner in the oven and the table set for dinner so it was good timing for me. We all piled in the Suburban and waited for him to drive by and pick us up so we could go to town together. While driving to town, something was said about when we were kids and taking his grandparents to Long John Silvers. While I had no grandparents at that time, I do remember taking my elderly neighbor to KFC and Long John Silvers. Michael and I both grew up in the same rinky dink town with 3 stop lights and although we didn't know each other until middle school, we still had many of the same experiences growing up in that small town. As we relived some of our childhood while our own children listened, I mentioned how much I used to like Long John Silvers fish. After all I hate fish, but it didn't taste like fish (I wonder why) so I thought that was a good thing when I was a teenager. It was a rare treat for us as children or teenagers to eat out at any sort of restaurant, but we still enjoyed the experience when we got the chance. This whole conversation led to us stopping by Captain D's and treating our children to a meal. Keep in mind I had a roast, potatoes, and carrots still cooking in the oven. I knew that meant we had a nice meal for the next day with little effort.
The kids looked less than thrilled. This was a treat for Michael and I more than for them it appeared. After the first bite, our second and third born sons decided that this was a horrible mistake. They would much rather be eating roast at our dinner table. Our oldest son was at work or he would have refused to eat one morsel of any type of "fast food". After the meal was complete and we drove home, my boys were still talking about dinner. They didn't feel good. I had already made a mad dash to the bathroom myself so I couldn't offer up any words of encouragement to them. Each child made a declaration late last night....We will NEVER eat out again unless it is a place like Carraba's! (Great...they do have expensive taste)!
This is all well and fine for everybody else in the house, but I have a bit of an issue with their plan. After almost 22 years of marriage, we can finally afford to treat our kids to a meal outside the home...which is REALLY just a break from cooking for me... and NOW they REFUSE to eat fast food or diner food because it makes them feel yucky! They were even planning all the food that we will be cooking on our VACATION!!!! These kids are not snooty, but they don't even like cereal for breakfast. What was I thinking? I never dreamed it would turn out this way...the irony of it all. So now I am realizing that somehow I have shot my own self in the foot and I will be chained to the stove for the rest of my days. Thank God I enjoy cooking! Of course my kids help me in the kitchen, they have been raised that way. I hope that their future wives feel the same way that they do!!!!
grace and peace,


MyBulletinBoard said...
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MyBulletinBoard said...

I meant to say, I wonder how long it will take the first wife to say, "I am NOT your mother!"????

We swore off Long John's last year. Really has gotten greasy. We have a Chicken Express with crispy catfish that passes muster.

Y'all have good weekend. . . . . Liz

Unknown said...

this is so ironic and funny. my brother and i live together, and finally after all these years we both are enjoying our dreams, country store,farming,self (God)substaining, and to include my love of cooking. a professional for 30 years and not having the opportunity of enjoying cooking, canning, quilting, i am having the time of my life. eating out is at the very bottom of my "enjoyments" and at one time, that was how i entertained for future business etc. like you and michael, we can afford to go out but i will do errands all day and not eat just so i can get home and cook? fascinating. my family feels the same way. truly that is one of my thank you's to the Lord, that i can come home and cook, strange! i luv your blogg all the time!

Andrea Cherie said...

Recently I met my husband's boss from his first job when he was 15 and he told a story on Jason: Jason grew up not really ever eating out. But when he first started this job he and the owner would work every night cleaning commercial properties and then go to Sonic or order Papa John's Pizza, etc. Kurt said for the first 2 weeks of eating like that Jason would eat a bunch and immediately go throw up EVERY night...all because his body was not accustomed to junk food! So...I know what your kids mean when they say fast food makes them feel pukey!

Amy Ellen said...

My kids are the same way. I tried to stop by McDonalds a while ago, the groans were overwhelming. They did tolerate Taco Bell. We go to potluck meals at church and things, and they refuse most everything except what I brought, LOL. The exceptions are that they do love chinese and mexican. The love the tacos and burritos and enchiladas as well as stir fry and rice and egg drop soup that I make, but if we are going out it is either mexican or chinese. Thats it.

Paige said...

Haha, that's too funny! Dan and I are the same way. We just can't stand spending $15 for one meal that's greasy, bad for you, really doesn't taste that great, and doesn't have any leftovers! Eating out is normally at Macaroni Grill or a good Mexican place (I've become REALLY picky about my mexican restaurants since living in Mexico, haha). And, it's infrequent!

Maybe this isn't such a bad thing for your boys.. It'll be a good way of weeding out the girls who don't share the same values of good, home-cooked, family oriented dinners--and all the other values that tend to (but not always) go along with it!

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