Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thoughts on Bees

I have been enjoying putting our home in order these last few days. I still have some more to get done before we enjoy a fun day tomorrow, but I am well on my way. The weather is suppose to turn rainy here starting tonight. I am a bit disappointed in that because Michael will be off work for the next three days. I was hoping to get the potatoes planted on Friday afternoon. Doesn't look promising according to the weather forecast. He will be picking up our bees this afternoon. He is on a race to see if he can work a full day at work, pick up bees, AND get the bees in the hive before it gets too cool or rainy this evening. More power to him. I just am not very helpful in the bee department. I didn't even offer to go pick up the bees for him. Before you decide that I am NOT a good help meet, let me ask you. Would you want to drive in a car with a bunch of bees in a little box??? I didn't think so!!! Plus it is kind of sort of on his way home from work so that part makes me feel a little bit better about not helping him! I did offer to go pick up more hay. I would rather haul square bails of hay than a little bitty box of bees anytime!

grace and peace,


MyBulletinBoard said...

You sound like a wonderful help meet. I say, do what you CAN and don't apologize for what you can't. I wouldn't want a box of bees in my car, either. Have a wonderful Easter! Liz

Andrea Cherie said...

TN Farmgirl had a funny post about bees yesterday!

PS. You're hydrangea photo is beautiful! They're my fav!

Lady Why said...

I'm with you on those bees!! We got our bees on Monday. This is my daughter's project but I went along for the ride... harrowing as it was!!

I posted some pictures of our bee adventures on my blog if you want to see them.

We're in Alabama so we're getting rain tomorrow too. And, I was really hoping to do more planting. But, Saturday looks fabulous!

TnFullQuiver said...

thanks for the encouragement!

Andrea Cherie,
Yes, I read that. I was at her farm one day several years ago. One of her bees came swarming about my head and I swatted it away from my face into her face (by accident of course), and it stung her. See I told you I wasn't good with bees!

Lady Why,
I look forward to checking out your bee adventure. Some day I will get brave enough to do a post on the night we decided to move the bees. IT wasn't pretty.

grace and peace,