Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April Thoughts

Out our window this morning we were greeted with beautiful apple blooms, lush green grass, and SNOW on the mountains. An odd combination indeed!! I am hoping this will be winter's last hurrah. We are holding our breath a bit here wondering what the cold spell might damage in our garden. Our strawberries are in bloom and our lettuce plants are now making a nice appearance. I guess that is the problem with taking a chance and planting a little early. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose some plants. I am going to take the rest of this cold day and do some inside chores. I have been waiting very patiently for the cleaning fairy to show up at my house. It seems that we aren't on her list because she still hasn't made an appearance. So my day will be filled with cleaning up and dreaming of warmer days. Who knows, I might just bake something yummy. Colder weather always beckons me into the kitchen to bake something warm and decadent. Sounds good doesn't it?

grace and peace,


Kristin said...

What a lovely picture! It captures that "inbetween winter and spring" feeling so very well! :)

Unknown said...

i'm waiting on the cleaning fairy too. when you see her give her a good scolding for me too!mmm, yeah baking sounds great.

Mountain Mama said...

um ya! where is that fairy? she must be on strike b/c she has not shown up here in quite some time.

beautiful picture!

in repsonse to a comment you left on my blog ~ I HOPE you do make it out here some day. what a treat!!

TnFullQuiver said...

Daniel, Kristen, Ezekiel,
Thanks!!! I had to open the bedroom window and stand on the bed to capture that picture. Did I mention that my husband was still in bed asleep while I was standing on the bed?? Good thing he is a heavy sleeper!

If that cleaning fairy ever decides to show up, I will send her your way!!

I was sure the cleaning fairy was located somewhere out west. Guess I was wrong about that though!
Spending some time together does sound good...let's just make sure it is warmer there before we head up that way!!

grace and peace