Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Holiday Preps

It doesn't appear that the cold weather brought too much damage to our plants last night. Today has been breezy, cool, and sunny. It is as if spring is back again, but it is still early in the season. Our last frost date is April 15 so we could have some more cool spells before the weather warms up for good.

My day has been full of getting ready for the Easter holiday. I have spent much time cleaning house and getting things together for our Easter dinner. Our menu is very simple because it is the same every year. I serve Ham, green beans, corn from the garden, a potato dish, cauliflower salad, yeast rolls, a coconut cake, and this year I am going to add a Key Lime Pie. Don't forget the gallon of sweet tea to wash it all down!!!! We will be having a family join us on Friday to make some cake pops and a few other craft things. This will leave Saturday for me to finish cleaning the house and start early preparations for Sunday dinner. I will make my desserts on Saturday and cut up my veggies for the salad. I will get up early Sunday morning to get everything cooking before we head out to church. We will be enjoying a low keyed celebration of all the Lord has done in our life. It is good to stop and remember all that the Lord has done!! Easter is a wonderful time for doing just that!!!

grace and peace,


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