Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ungrateful Poultry

Several years ago we purchased a Premier Poultry Netting so we could free range our birds and still keep them contained. Michael built a portable chicken tractor so they would have shelter. He made it durable and low to the ground so the wind wouldn't blow it away. Apparently, he would have had to put it UNDER the ground to keep the wind from blowing it! After gathering the pieces up the last time the wind blew, we decided that the portable chicken tractor wasn't going to work here. We knew we needed to build a permanent chicken coop. Again we had to keep in mind the wind. It couldn't be just a small structure setting off by itself. Michael decided to put the coop in the barn. Michael and the second son spent their entire Saturday cleaning out the barn and building the coop. At the end of the day, he was pleased with his work. Everybody gathered up the chickens and put them in their new home. It was cozy with plenty of roosts for all. There is a nice large water container and feed to boot. They have access to the front pasture so they can free range until their little hearts content. The next morning we noticed there was a chicken left in the old chicken tractor and fence area in the back yard. Later I noticed two and then three. The ungrateful birds have left the coop to go back to the old run down shanty known as a chicken tractor. They flew back into the small fence area without food, water, or roosts. These are ungrateful birds indeed!!!

We will spend some time this morning gathering up the chickens and putting them back into their new luxurious home. This time we will be blocking off the outside entrance to keep them contained until they are happy with their new dwelling place. While they are locked away, we will be taking apart the old chicken tractor and hauling it off to the dump! Also we will take away the poultry netting so when they decide to fly the coop next time, their old stomping ground will be gone.

With the new chicken coop, our next step will be to make a spot for new chickens. We will use our poultry netting to make an area for the little ones. We want to put an order in for some new layers and also some meat birds. We raised meat birds in the past and we were pleased with the results. It will be nice to have pork and chicken in the freezer!!

grace and peace,


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Marci said...

I think if you leave them locked in a couple of days it will help. We raise all of our own meat. It is a lot of work, but we know what it was fed and how it was handled.

TnFullQuiver said...

I think raising our own meat has been less work than raising our garden! Well, that is if you don't count all the times I was out chasing the little oinkers when they escaped!!! It is a great feeling not to wonder about the vegies or meat that I am eating and serving to my family. We enjoy homemade ice cream with raw eggs because I do not worry about salmonila from our eggs like I do the grocery store eggs. It is all a true paradigm shift!
grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

What on earth are those birds thinking? Our birds are the same way. We have this beautiful coop with laying boxes so they can sit in safety and in peace while laying and where do they choose to lay... in the hay in the barn or in the feed tubs(if they are left open which is often). It is like an Easter Egg hunt every day.