Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Fun

I have a dear friend who lives in Georgia about 3 and half hours away. We have known each other for many years, but we don't get to see each other very often. Three of her children came to the farm for summer fun this week. We have all had a great time. (CaCinda, thanks for sharing your children with me and my family)! Here is a quick recap of our week...

Girls playing in the water hose on a makeshift slip n slide made out of greenhouse plastic.
Boys off to a nearby farm pond for a bit of fishing.
There was plenty of boys eating.

And two girls eating.
This is two OLDER boys playing in the rain on a Tonka truck and tractor. Apparently it is a lot of fun to race down the big hill in the rain and see who can get to the pond first without being shocked by the electric fence. This kind of fun can only be found on a farm!
I think he took a spill or maybe he is stopping for some push ups!
There was water slide fun and swimming pool fun.
While the boys were off seeing a baseball game, the girls worked on craft projects.
There was even camping fun.

Pictures cannot capture all the fun moments that have been shared this week. We have played dominoes and worked puzzles. Toys have been played with and even some time has been spent on the PlayStation and computer. Tomorrow our families will meet half way once again to exchange the children and enjoy a family cook out. Today we will spend some time doing chores. The Lord has sent the rain so for the first time in weeks and weeks our grass needs to be mowed. Many hands make light work so I am sure the tasks will be completed in no time. This past week good memories have been made that will last a life time!
grace and peace,

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