Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cosmos Coming Along

My cosmos are blooming. They make a beautiful arrangement and the greenery is a nice filler for other flowers. I haven't made as many arrangements as I usually do every summer. I think part of it is my hands have been full with other things this year. I also am enjoying seeing the beautiful flowers from the kitchen window so I am more reserved about cutting them.

I often keep a pitcher full of zinnias. It is a quick way to a add a summer time splash of color.

Here is a quick wildflower arrangement that I put together. I love Queen Anne's Lace and I use it often to add a pretty touch. We are not allergic to this particular weed so I have no reservations about bringing it into the house. I hope you take some time to go outside and cut some flowers. It is a wonderful way to decorate your home and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor! Enjoy the warm sunshine and the colorful flowers.

grace and peace,



Marci said...

I love to fill the house with flowers as well. Many of mine are "weeds", yet they are lovely. I love a big bouquet of ironweed and queen anne's lace or a huge bouquet of Joe Pye weed.

Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful! We have a wildflower garden and my girls have been cutting and arranging flowers for our kitchen. I love the color and the smell.

Lynn Bartlett said...

You have beautiful flowers! And such a talent for arranging them!

TnFullQuiver said...

I wish you would post about ironweed and Joe Pye weeds, complete with pictures of course. I use a lot of weeds, but I don't know the names of things like you do!

Hope used to love being in the garden and arranging flowers. However she has gotten out of that stage for now. I pray she grows back into it soon. I miss having her handiwork and company in the garden.

Thanks so much for the compliment. I just started messing with flowers and found out that it was something I absolutely love. I first started with fresh flowers from the garden, and then I started experimenting with silk flowers. I always thought I would like to work for a few weeks in a florist to learn more!

grace and peace,