Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Mad Momma

I went to the barn the other day to check for eggs. I was enjoying the time with the animals and I like watching the sheep. I was thinking about the Green Acres Song that says "this is the life for me." I had my harvest basket and I was ready to gather all the beautiful brown eggs that our hens had placed for our family. Yes indeed...this was farm ambiance at its best. I turned my back to walk back across the yard and then it happened. The rooster who obviously had been plotting a terrorism attack against me came after me. He waited until I had my back turned. I have always been a little unsure of roosters, and I was down right scared. I defended myself using my harvest basket as a shield, but I was furious. I was screaming loudly, but NOT ONE of the 5 children that I had carried in my womb even heard me. I was mad at all the kids too!!! I made it in the basement door, and I looked at all the children that were gathered together watching a movie (very loudly I might surround sound). I pointed to the 14 year old and told him that I wanted him to take the gun and go shoot the rooster. I saw a small smile come across his face, but I gave him that know the one mad momma look. He decided it was best not to cross me at the moment. I went upstairs and got a drink of water. I yelled back downstairs that I also wanted my shoes back. In my defending mode, I threw one of my sandals at the rooster. About 15 minutes later, I had collected my thoughts and decided that we shouldn't kill the rooster after all. I went back to the basement to announce that I wasn't thinking clearly earlier and the rooster shouldn't be shot. My 14 year old smiled and said, "Mom, you told me to shoot him and I did." Every child in the house has wanted to get rid of that rooster. He had a mean streak that you never could trust. I would never allow them to do anything about it until he went off on me!!! I felt so bad, but the great rooster killer informed me that the rooster was dangerous. He made me feel better when he reminded me that our 4 year old could have been hurt. Well I think Michael is going to pick up a ram today. I just hope that he doesn't try to attack me or anything because I might get the one mad momma look again and order a kid to shoot the new registered ram!!!

grace and peace,


Brian G. Heyer said...

Thanks for the laugh out loud. The pic says it all.

Amy said...

Note to self:
Don't make Julie mad!;)

Marci said...

Oh Julie, they can be dangerous. However, I want to tell you... NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A RAM!!!! They can break your knees. We were feeding our friends animals while they were out of town. Their rams were all cute and nice and happy and friendly. Then Michael turned his back on them and got it in the leg by a little one. He was getting ready to kick/shove him out of the way and his Daddy almost took his knees out. He had bruising all the way down his shins too. We had other friends with a ram. We had steer calves in with their sheep. We would go in to feed bottles and that thing would come running to attack. My son had to keep a baseball bat with him for defense. Not trying to scare you, but be warned.

TnFullQuiver said...

I was at a ballgame when my lovely children took a picture of me getting onto one of their siblings. They threaten to blow it up and frame it for the world to see!!!

The good thing about me is I don't get mad very often so you should be safe. Just don't come attacking me with my back turned!

We have been warned about rams. I think the hardest job will be to teach our 4 year old. He carries an empty bucket around so the sheep will follow him in the back yard. He likes being in the middle of the whole flock. He will NOT be able to do this with the ram. We have the ram out in the pasture until Michael can get an enclosed area built for him. The other sheep are all in the backyard for the next few days. Thanks so much for caring enough to share your experiences with us. I take it to heart.
grace and peace,

TNfarmgirl said...

Let me guess...was it a Rhode Island Red? You need an Auracan - very gentle...want one?

Anonymous said...

Your son was right about how the 4 year old could have gotten hurt. We had to shoot a rooster after it got a hold of a visiting 3 year old. I felt soooooo horrible that we had kept that rooster around after he had started acting aggressive. That's not a mistake we'll make again.

Although I'm wondering about our sheep, Baab. Does it make a difference that he's neutered or do we really have to keep our eye on him too?

TnFullQuiver said...

I will ask around, but I do think that it makes a difference with him being neutered. Thanks for making me feel all better about the rooster incident. I would feel terrible if something did happen to a little one.
grace and peace,