Friday, July 25, 2008

Introducing Peter the Great

Peter the Great is a 2 year old Katahdin Ram. He is a beautiful ram with a nice sheeponality. He seems to take great comfort in being in the pasture close to the house where he can enjoy being touched by the children. We have impressed it upon them that although he appears very gentle they must still respect him and keep their distance. The children are no longer allowed in the pasture now that Peter the Great is there. A new fence project is in the works so that we can all enjoy the use of our pasture once again. I did ask Michael to make sure that Peter the Great is still close to the house so that we can reach through the fence to pet him. He seems very content and relaxed. He is a good proven registered ram and I am hoping that we have lots of multiple births from the work of his...well you get the point.
grace and peace,


TNfarmgirl said...

He's beautiful!!!
Can't wait to visit :)

Marci said...

Great looking ram. I hope he throws some nice babies for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there- I so enjoy your blog!

About that mandolin slicer....I love mine and use it all the time. I will confess that even I have cut myself in a nasty way on it because I used it without the guard. It is very tempting to not use the guard, and if a supposedly mature adult who knows WAY better can use it improperly, well, you know where I am going. Be careful!
And enjoy it. One of our family favorites produced by it is french onion soup. I can slice 5 lbs of onions paper thin in no time at all.

Thanks for your pictures and stories and for just being you!


TnFullQuiver said...

I am too looking forward to a visit. Has Josh thought any more about a convient time for him?

I hope Peter the Great lives up to his name!!

I LOVE french onion soup and I would have never thought to use the mandolin for that. Thanks so much for the great idea!! I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I love to write and share things that I am learning, and I love to read other peoples experiences as well. Do you have a blog? If so let me know so I can visit.
grace and peace,