Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Rain Has Come

We are so thankful this year to have evening showers. Last year our drought was terrible. This year we are still in a deficit, but we count each raindrop as a gift from the Lord. Yesterday about supper time the clouds rolled into the sky. As we finished our dessert and coffee, the rain started falling. It stopped for a bit and then right before bed the heavens opened and the rain fell. It was so relaxing...almost like a lullaby. It was a nice sound to hear while falling asleep.
Yesterday also yielded our first ripe tomatoes. We have had a few small tomatoes, but not enough to even say we have had them. I took a basket down to the garden and I came back with tomatoes. I served one of our Cherokee Purples for dinner last night. My brother, who is visiting from Florida, did not eat any. I commented on his passing up the tomatoes, and he said it looked odd. He had never seen one of these tomatoes, and to his credit they do look odd! Maybe before he leaves, he will get another opportunity to eat one of them. He missed his tomato eating window for last night!!!

grace and peace,

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Teri said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers. I hope to have many on our property one day. We too, are waiting for our tomatoes. Since we didn't plant the traditionals, we are not sure what color they will be. Fun, fun!