Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Plans Changed

Yesterday morning I called the farmer that we always buy corn from because I thought it would be about time for him to start picking. Much to my surprise, yesterday was the last day of the first picking. His wife told me that he had a truck load in town, but I could tell her how many dozen I wanted and he would bring it back to me. I ordered 35 dozen. I figured with the few packages that we had left over from last year that would be plenty to get us through. Next year we will be growing our own, but this year we just didn't get to it. I got the corn around 1:30 in the afternoon. That was the beginning of the problem. I am a morning person and the thought of starting that much corn in the afternoon almost made me cry. The second problem was my children. They were already engaged in other activities. One child had spent the night with a friend so there went my corn silker. Two more children were in town at the gym. There went two more hands, and my husband was at work. Ughhh...it wasn't turning out like last year's corn day at all. (You can read about our method of putting up corn in July 2007 older posts). Throughout the day, enough kids came home to help shuck all the corn. My daughter did arrive to help wash some of the silks off, but I was left with much of the work. Did I mention that there was some football thing that the older son and next son had to participate in that evening??? I was too busy putting up corn to even take pictures! Well, when all the boys were out shucking together I heard one say something about pictures. Another older son piped up and said, "If she starts taking pictures for that blog, I am OUT of here. I won't shuck another ear of corn." I took him at his word.

After I had finished, I was beginning to think that this was the only clean up crew that I was going to have....

But, my husband showed up in time to throw the cobs out in the woods, wash off the table, sweep up the husks to feed to the cows, and put the corn downstairs into the freezer.

So what does a kitchen look like at 9:00 p.m. after doing corn all day???

Very messy. I left to go take a bath because I had corn stuck to me from head to toe. I still have some kitchen clean up left for me this morning, but since I am a morning person I don't mind it so much today. The good news is that 35 dozen ears of corn yielded 40 quart bags of frozen corn. I also kept out 2 dozen for fresh eating. I know we will all be happy that we did this chore, but for now I am still cleaning up corn in the kitchen!!!

grace and peace,



Marci said...

I am glad that you got it all done. Our corn is not ready yet. I did not have to freeze any last year. We still have 3 bags from the year before. =) This year, I will do all that we have. If there is extra then we will share with our son and his bride (to be).

TnFullQuiver said...

I hope you have fun doing your corn! I sure am glad ours is done and put in the freezer. I do love a clean kitchen!!!
grace and peace,