Saturday, July 05, 2008

Green Bean Fun

When we got back from vacation, our bush beans were ready to be picked. We gathered the family for the fun.
Of course we had a few children remind us that we are the only parents on e-a-r-t-h who even remotely considers picking green beans for fun! I was quick to point out the fact that they ALL enjoyed the fruits of the job so they best start picking!
Along the way the oldest (in the above picture) decided to have a bit of fun with his mouth. I believe it was something to the effect of when I have a family I am just going to come here and get my veggies! No gardening for me or my children!!
Dad's reply, "Oh, really...complete with a smirk! Hope had to stop to see if a fight was going to break out. (Really she was hot and just wanted a bit of a break)!
Jacob made sure to join the fun and add his two cents worth..."Not me...I'm going to grow my own food!' To which Matthew had to answer, "Brown Noser."
All along, Seth just kept picking and counting his green beans.

Our bed of bush beans is done. I wish I had the camera the moment the 14 year old came down to the garden to find me pulling up H-I-S bean bed. (He and a friend planted the bed so he considered them his until there was more work to be done there)! He threw his hands up in the air completely disgusted to find me killing his plants. "What are you doing??? Those plants are still perfectly good!!!" Yes, but they are done producing beans. I need the space to plant more beans. I still don't think he believed me. He walked back up to the house shaking his head!

Here are the two green bean planters now...I sure hope they aren't calling the mob boss or anything to report my killing of their precious beans!

grace and peace,



Marci said...

It is amazing that when boys get to that age when they eat more than the rest of the family put together, that they find working for their food not fun. =) Looks like you all did have fun together!!!

ms_bee said...

Just wanted to say. "hi!" and "Thanks for sharing your inspirational lives with us." I've posted your rss feed to my site and am enjoying your writings. Thanks again, and May God Keep Blessing You and Yours.

ms_bee said...
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TnFullQuiver said...

Yes, I always wonder why we have such good helpers when they are 2-4 years old. By the time they are REALLY able to help they are out of the notion! Of course we make them anyway, but it would be so nice to have the eagerness of the toddlers in the body of the teenagers!

Welcome! I am so glad you posted with the encouraging words. Thank you so much!!!

grace and peace,