Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tennessee Summer Fun

We have a beautiful public forest area called Paint Creek. All along the road, a stream meanders throughout the trees. It displays so much of the beauty of Tennessee with the rushing water and the massive rocks nestled up under the canopy of forest. We took the kids to swim in one of the pool areas. There is a small waterfall area that the local people use as a water slide. My children love to slide down the rocks, but for me I don't think that would feel too good on this body. The hard core locals or maybe drunkards climb way up to the top of a huge rock wall and jump into the pool of water. One slip or one mistake could very well cost them their lives. The girls had fun maneuvering the rocks.

As with most mountain streams, it is very cold water. Seth enjoys swimming here a lot, but he always leaves with his teeth chattering. East Tennessee has so many beautiful treasures hidden throughout the area. All it takes is a little time to go explore and see the handiwork of the Lord.
grace and peace,


Amy said...

You definitely live surrounded by some of God's most beautiful creation!

When I was young I loved swimming in the Little Pigeon River, but now that I'm OLD, I prefer to just watch :)

But the water is so clear and beautiful!:)

TnFullQuiver said...

I too just like to watch. The water is way too cold for me!!! I hope you are feeling better. About 10 days ago I pulled a muscle in my back and it really put a kink in my plans. When my back would hurt, the Lord brought you to mind so I was quick to pray for you!
grace and peace,