Saturday, July 26, 2008

Picking Blueberries For the Farm Kitchen

A few years ago Michael received 17 blueberry bushes for his Christmas present. We planted them and watered them faithfully, but alas they did not live. It really wasn't our fault as the neighbor's cows enjoyed frolicking in our blueberry patch. Until we can get more blueberries established here on our farm, we go to the local organic blueberry farm and pick. For $8 a gallon, we can pick beautiful blueberries until our little hearts are content!
Here is our daughter and our niece. I think this was the first time for Morgan to pick blueberries.
Our children are veteran blueberry pickers seeing how it is my favorite fruit. Truth be told, I like just about all fruits!!
Jacob somehow managed to find a golf ball in the blueberry plants.
We ended up picking 3 gallons of blueberries. We have made 9 pints of blueberry syrup and froze 5 quarts of blueberries for later use. We have all eaten our full share of fresh blueberries. We have until August 12 to pick more. They will be closing at that time until next year. I want to pick at least 3 more gallons to make more syrup. I just hope my kids are all willing!!!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Blueberries are not my favorite. I like them, but prefer red raspberries , strawberries or blackberries. =) We have a local pick your own blueberry farm not too far from here. Good friends of ours (who just had their 11th child) found out you can do it 2 ways. Pick all you want for $2 a pound or pick all you want, give them half for their stand and yours are free. They took most of the family to go pick. =) They aren't organic though.

TnFullQuiver said...

I wonder what the difference between a gallon and a pound is... That sounds like a neat concept to choose which payment to use. I would love to grow a u-pick stand, but we are still working on getting them to grow just for our family!!!
grace and peace,