Monday, July 21, 2008

Baseball Mission Accomplished

Our traveling baseball team won 3rd place in the World Series. They played hard and fought to make it to this level. On Saturday they had to play 3 back to back ballgames in the sweltering heat! This tournament brought a close to our season until next year. They may play a fall tournament, but we will not start back up in full swing until after Christmas.

I enjoyed the baseball year so much, but I am ready for a break. I know football is just around the corner for all three of our boys, but for the next few weeks we will be living sports free!!!! You may be wondering what we will do with all of our free time. Well, let me tell you...there are plenty of things around the house and farm that need our attention! The first thing that Michael will be doing is building a bunk bed unit for Jacob and Seth. Michael hasn't been in his shop in such a long time so we are all looking forward to the sound of saws buzzing and the smell of sawdust! Redoing our bedroom has brought new life to finishing our house. It is so pleasing to have completed our entire room and to be enjoying the fruits of our hands. We are ready to have that sense of accomplishment all throughout the house!

The garden area is in need of some care. I have been weeding like a mad woman, but it still isn't enough. I need to call a "All Hands On Deck" for garden maintenance. I also want to make several trips to the local blueberry farm and pick my favorite fruit. I need to get blueberries in the freezer and also made into syrup. So much to do, but with no baseball there is now time to do it!!! We also have to turn our attention back to our sheep. Michael needs to finish the sheep fence so we can divide the herd. We are looking for a good ram to purchase so we can breed the ewes again. He also needs to decide where he wants to locate pigs. Our pork supply is going fast and we really need to start raising more pigs. Did I mention that we are going to order new layer and meat birds? My honey do list for my husband is growing fast!! Speaking of honey, he needs to check the hives to see if we can extract the honey soon. I best stop there before I overload him. Well, off to the garden I go...

grace and peace,

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