Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bedroom Makeover Complete

Come on in and sit a spell...
I chose a country green to paint the walls. Michael requested the trim to be white. Together we had a great color scheme. The white really made it "pop".
Michael's favorite color is purple so I chose window scarves in a soft purple. I was concerned that I might have overdone the feminine side of things (that thought hit me when he asked where he could hang his dear head). At least I incorporated his love of green and purples. It can be hard to make a bedroom a sanctuary using manly type of quilts and dear heads! As soon as we head to Kentucky to see my mom, I will be replacing the lamp on Michael's side of the bed with my grandmother's lamp. I have waited many years to have a special and safe place to put her lamp. It will fit beautifully in our new room.
Here is the view of the top of our dresser. We only have room for our bed, a dresser, and 2 small shaker style night stands that Michael made for us.
The little things mean so much. We decided to go with new air vents. We love the country look so I chose what looked to be black rod iron for our vent. It is amazing how changing out a few worn out things really adds to the new look. He also changed out the old rose colored carpet for the new floor to match the rest of our home. Our new quilt adds such a soft look to the darker country green walls. Although I am a little concerned about dogs and kids on this quilt, I sure do love it. I bought the bed attire and window treatments right after Christmas so it wasn't a cost that I had to include in this month's budget.
We have NEVER had a closet organizer. Wow...
I spent some time in Lowe's and found some beautiful curtain rods. I have always loved the old fashioned glass door knobs that was found in old farm houses. Well, that was the first thought I had when I saw the curtain rods. The glass knobs reminded me of the old door knobs. (They were on clearance so I was doubly happy)!
I went yesterday and purchased some silk flowers to make an arrangement. I spent $12 for the flowers and I already had the container. I was very pleased with the outcome. Michael will hang it on the wall, but I liked the look of it hanging on our bed until then.
Hope you enjoyed the new bedroom tour. I can't wait to light a few candles and just relax in there tonight with my husband. It is so beautiful, and when the sheep and chickens are making sounds outside of our bedroom window I am completely lulled into the peaceful life of the farm.
grace and peace,


Marci said...

Very cozy and beautiful. I am sure you will enjoy it. Just KEEP THAT DOG OUT!!!!

motherofmany said...

WOW! Simply beautiful.

Mountain Mama said...


TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks to all!!!

grace and peace,

Dreamer said...


We also have a purple and green bedroom! We did our a few years ago and I love it. It is hard to strike a balance between masculinity and femininity in such a personal space. We have almost identical purple scarves on the windows and nightstands. We bought our nightstands though and the are finished a little darker color. Our quilt is purple, green and cream alternating patches and cream colored crocheted pillow shams. The walls are creamy off-white with a purple hydrangea border. Still it looks very similar to your room. I love your hardwood floors. Enjoy living in your newly redecorated space. It looks so peaceful.


Amy said...

Simply beautiful!:)