Friday, July 18, 2008

The Horse Whisperer

Several years ago, we acquired our horses in an odd sort of way. The owner of the horses was moving up north and she needed a place to board them. She didn't have any money so she offered to barter. We were suppose to house the horses for 4 months and in return she would give us the one horse that was best with children. Well, 4 years later we haven't heard anything from her. I think this was her plan all along. I don't know why she was not upfront with us. Perhaps she was worried that we would say no to her request and be left without anywhere to keep the horses. They are sweet animals that had obviously had some training. We haven't been able to really ride them, but supposedly they were use to being ridden. I question that statement, but since I can't ask the previous owner I will always be left wondering. This summer Josh decided to conquer the beast. I don't know for sure what he is telling Sully, but a few minutes after the above picture was taken Josh was putting the saddle on Sully Man.

Not long after he left with the horse, he returned with this! Apparently something had gone terribly wrong with the Horse Whisper's plans. He has ridden Sully several times since. I got so tickled the day that Josh came in the house obviously disgusted. I asked him what was wrong. He informed me that he had Sully down on our dirt road and he was going to ride him to the back pasture. (I was thinking that Little Man had big plans for untrained horse, but I chose to keep my mouth shut). He said that he spent 30 minutes doing doughnuts in the road with the horse. I asked him if he was doing that on purpose and Josh informed me that Sully refused to go straight. That could be a problem if you are planning on riding him very far I noted. Josh never did smile at my humor.

I would love to give Josh and Sully riding lessons. Our lifestyle isn't very conducive to riding horses though. We have already figured out that horses are like toddlers. They can't be left out in the field unattended for long periods of time and then expected to behave well. Josh will be starting school in 3 weeks and football practice has already begun so there isn't a lot of time for him to devote to horse training. I am still thrilled that we have Sully and Violet. While they may never be the riders we had desired, I sure enjoy their presence on the farm. I love to brush them and feed them. I love to watch them run and splash in the pond. I love the sound they make when they are running and the beauty that comes when horses are in an all out race. Somehow it just makes this farm seem more like a farm. They also add protection for our sheep. The sheep woman said that horses are better with sheep than donkeys because they still protect them from coyotes, but they don't want to play with the lambs like donkeys tend to do. Michael was glad that they finally had a real job on the farm. I am just glad they are here.

grace and peace,


Marci said...

What a blessing in getting the horses though. Maybe one day.....

My niece Carli, was given some horses. It is an awesome story of God's goodness. I wrote about it here...

It is down a bit in the post.

Mountain Mama said...

Smart way to get rid of horses. They are beautiful and add a nice touch to your farm.

Lynn Bartlett said...

We've been offered a couple of horses, but I hesitate, as at the moment we are busy enough with all we have going on already. I have also heard that horses attract mountain lions, and one was spotted last week about 10 miles from us. That is close enough for my comfort!