Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Chose To Feed Hay

After supper last night, Michael and I once again discussed feeding the animals hay or grain. We made the decision to go ahead and start feeding hay. We are hoping that if they have more to eat in the field that they will be easier to keep at home. Our smallest Black Angus keeps slipping through the fence in search of greener grass. Yesterday morning a neighbor, whom we did not know, stopped by to tell us there was a cow out down the road. It was ours.
The sheep were curious. It didn't take the cows or horses long to find the loot. They will eat their fill and then the sheep will get to eat too. Our horses are a bit greedy so the sheep will have to wait for a few hours. We spent the rest of the evening fixing the drip works that waters the garden. It has been a few days since we watered the garden and the plants were showing the signs. While I was down there, I noticed another large batch of red tomatoes. We have several beds that are just about finished for the season. As soon as we can pick the tomatoes, we will be tilling those beds up to prepare for fall planting. My little seedlings are doing fantastic. I really should be downstairs repotting them today or tomorrow, but I can't do that and can tomatoes. The seedlings will have to wait for a few more days.

grace and peace,

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Marci said...

I am sorry that you are already having to feed hay. We are probably right behind you. I have beets that need to come out of the ground and be canned, but that can't happen today. I also have cabbage I brought in that I need to make sauerkraut with. I'm runnin' as fast as I can!! =)