Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farmer Takes On Animals

Michael and the boys have been working on separating the lambs from their mommas. It is a test in one's patience and agility. First, the agility part. We do not have any proper handling equipment so pretty much they have to chase and pen each lamb. (Jacob has always said that he learned his moves for the football and baseball field by catching the farm animals)! Next is the patience part. After several attempts of separation, the little lambs ALWAYS find a way back to the big field with their mommas. This time however the farmer has won!!! Michael found and fixed all the problem areas of the backyard fence. The sheep have been separated for the last few weeks.

The next issue was that the little darlings were getting into my garden area. They ate all of my okra and most of my green beans. Little farmer tried his best to fix the electric fence and even added another strand. He sat and watched the little lambs get shocked, and he was satisfied that the job was complete. It only took them about 8 hours to figure out how to break through little farmer's handy work. Big Daddy Farmer spent Sunday evening solving the problem. There was no way that he could have those lambs eating his newly purchased hay that he has sitting out by the garden. It has been 2 days now and the little lambs have NOT found their way back into the garden area. Big Daddy Farmer won!!! But the cow broke through the other fence and now she is enjoying the hay as well as the garden!!!!

grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

Oh Dear! If it is not one thing it is another.
Have a great day!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks Ashley!!!
grace and peace,