Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grape Jelly and Beautiful Peppers

I ended up with 9 pints of grape jelly all together. Making jelly was something that I had never done before. I always make jams because I like the pieces of fruit that stay in jams. The flavor of this grape jelly is wonderful. I didn't read the whole part about skimming off the foam. This is why my jars look unclear on the top. No, my jelly wouldn't win any prizes at the county fair due to forgetting to skim off the foam, but nobody at my house will really care. They will gobble it up so fast that they won't even realize that it is unclear on the top!

The next thing on my morning list is to process these beautiful peppers. I will be making more pickled jalapenos as well. For the bell peppers, I cut them in half and pull out all the seeds. I then bag them in freezer bags and freeze them. This will give me peppers to use all winter long. Of course if I want to make potato salad or something with fresh peppers, I will still have to buy one from the grocery store throughout the winter. It saves so much money having these peppers tucked away in my freezer. I use them in any dish calling for sauteed peppers.
grace and peace,


Kel said...

Hide one of those jars of grape jelly for me so I can get it at thanksgivng :O) You make sick, sick with all of your canning and baking and jarring!!! I never get fresh canned food from the McDonald's drive-thru!

I love you guys

Amy said...

Like Kel said, tuck one of those jelly jars away for me too....And some peppers....We love the different colored peppers, and yours are beautiful!

You know what, never mind, I'm on my way over.....I'll need one jar of jelly and about four bags of peppers.

Now, how do I get to your place from Crazyville?;) said...

Hi, Julie-
I found your blog from my daughter's (In My Life) blog. I just looked at these beautiful peppers and know that you all just have a green thumb and something special in order to raise such beautiful crops - these peppers and everything else you show on your blog. I bought a red pepper plant earlier this year at Walmart and it has produced ONE pepper!! AND I'm not even sure it will be edible when it gets totally red! I envy you the beautiful place you live in and God's creation for sure! You have a special life indeed--far from the maddening streets of my crime-infested city! you are indeed blessed!
Sandra :)
(Amy's Mom from In My Life)