Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another Rough Start to Another Day

Missy is worn out this afternoon. She was awakened by a very loud thunderstorm early this morning. The thunder and lightning were extremely violent this morning. The lightning hit our phone line and our Internet. We all started our day around 5:00 a.m. Well, everybody but the 17 year old. He didn't even know that it rained!!! We have spent the rest of our day hosting repair men. Everything is fixed now so perhaps we can get back to normal around here!

grace and peace,


Amy said...

You know I am loving that picture of Missy!:)

Glad everything is up and running again, and I hope the day gets better.

God Bless,

Marci said...

Maybe that should have been a RUFF start of your day!! =) Our 2 dogs don't like storms either. They gather right outside our bedroom door and if it is bad, they bark to be let in. They are not allowed on our bed though.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh to be 17 again!