Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evening Harvest

Two more bushels of tomatoes have been picked from the garden this evening. I also picked some beautiful peppers and flowers. Another good harvest and another day of canning tomorrow. My heart is full of thanksgiving for this bounty.

grace and peace,


JoAnna said...

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's


Such lovely flowers, too! I'm just a few (long) months away from having my own garden on my own land, and I'm so inspired by your photos and stories!

(My husband and I are moving somewhere south of Nashville in September, our blog is

I'm curious: How many plants (either by square footage or by count) do you have of the tomatoes to get such a fantastic harvest? In fact, I'm curious about what quantities you have planted of each thing in general.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Amy said...

Your bounty makes a gorgeous picture!

And Joanna's first comment made me giggle.:)

Happy Canning and Schooling!
(We start school back today as well, but unfortunately no canning...I'll just have to come by your place for some sauce when I need it.) ;)

God Bless,

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks so much for the comment! I am excited about your upcoming move. We grew up about an hour and a half outside of Nashville in Kentucky. It is beautiful around there!

I am not really for sure of the tomato plant count this time around. I will see if I kept accurate records and get back to you. I ended up planting four raised beds full. I planted more than I usually do. I grew extra plants to give to a friend of the family. He ended up switching jobs and didn't need the plants after all. I chose to plant them instead of throwing them away. I always grow Roma and Rutger tomatoes for canning and making sauce. Keep us all updated on your progress!

I pray you have a wonderful school day with your boys!!! Enjoy. Yes, you are more than welcome to stop by the house and grab some sauce or whatever happens to be on the shelf!!

grace and peace,