Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday Sheep Fun

As I have mentioned before, we do not have the proper handling equipment for animals. We use what we do have which is teenagers and hog panels! It works and other than counting the feed for the teenagers, its cheap!!
We had to catch the 9 lambs to give them their last shot. We are required to give them this shot in order to sell them as meat so we are willing to comply. Once the lamb is caught, the shot is easily given...it is the catching that is the hard part.

I promise you this teenager does have shirts and shoes back at the house. I don't know why he never uses them for summer time farming. I bet if a cow or horse stepped on his foot he would wear boots!!! The sheep had been separated from their moms' for almost 10 days. On Saturday evening, they found a hole in the fence and went right back in with the moms. We are thinking that they were apart long enough to be weaned, but we aren't 100% for sure. We will have to separate them out again soon because we need to feed the males corn to help them gain weight faster for market. I don't know if I am going to handle meat sheep very well. They are my favorite animals that we have here on the farm.
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~"It works and other than counting the feed for the teenagers, its cheap!!"~