Monday, August 25, 2008

Look What's Heading Our Way!!!

There's rain on them there mountains and its heading straight for us!!!

Even the old trusty weather dog says, "Yep, I smell rain in the air or maybe its just the hot wings I ate last night, but it sure does look like rain either way!"

grace and peace,



Amy said...

I just love that Missy!

We need to get her and Allie together for a play date...You know with a couple of their favorite activities such as eating and sleeping.

And, of course, weather forecasting.;)

Nancyann said...

Julie and Mike
Accidently, discovered your blog and have fallen in love with your life. Your posts have blessed me. I read some of your posts out loud to my children and we laugh at how similar our family is to yours. I suppose, when we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, we share the same inheritance. Please keep sharing your life.