Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bunk Beds in the Making

Michael found a design of bunk beds that he thought would serve our family well. The bottom bunk is actually a trundle bed. The middle part of the bed is a desk area, and at the top is another bed. On the sides of the bed, there are locker areas and drawers built into the design. We found the design at Sam's Club, but we didn't want to pay the price. Michael ordered some plans and made modifications that he wanted. He purchased $400 worth of material and he started the building process. First, he had to dimension the lumber.
Here he is flattening the wood with a jointer. The jointer's purpose is to create a perpendicular flat surface.

He had to make corner posts for the bed. He glued 2 pieces together to create posts. After the glue has dried, he will take the boards back to the planer and jointer to continue the process. He can only glue up one post at a time because he doesn't have enough clamps to do more than that.
As the bed progresses, I will be sure to update with pictures.
We are just now in the season of our life that we have been enjoying some of the work of Michael's hands. In times past, Michael always sold the furniture that he made to bring in extra income for our family. If he could choose his dream job, it would be to farm full time and make custom furniture to sell. I often pictured a small cabin on our property filled with produce and handmade items from his shop. People could stop by and purchase as they needed. The truth is that with 5 kids and a farm that doesn't make income it would be very hard to pay the bills. I offered to go to work as a teacher since I already hold a teaching certificate and let him come home to follow his plans. He was against this because it will take me out of the home which is still not what was best for our family. So he will continue his day nuclear job and he will continue farming on the side and making furniture for our family. At times, things can seem overwhelming, but we choose to take it one step at a time. We don't want to be so busy building our life that we forget to enjoy our life and our children. The Lord has been so good to us and we are thankful.
grace and peace,


Amy said...

Very cool!

He reminds me of Pa from "Little House on the Prairie," (who I love!).

And Ma was a teacher too, like you.:)

Mountain Mama said...

Sounds awesome! Definitely keep us posted with pics of progress. Brian just built 24 bunkbeds for the Lodge at Big Canyon. A little different design and he had lots of help.

Marci said...

That is so neat Julie. Joshua makes beautiful furniture when he wants to. He doesn't make the time or have the time.... a little of both. He has a real cabinet maker's eye and all the work he does as a contractor is PLUMB!!! =)

I can't wait to see the new pics when there are some!!!