Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tired Farmers

It has been hot around here in East Tenn. Here are two of our farm hands weary from both the heat and work! I think the English Mastiff had a "cooler" idea than the 3 year old for a resting place, but Seth does look quite comfortable.

We had much needed rain yesterday so I am looking forward to getting down to the garden today and seeing what there is to pick. I am amazed at how much money we are saving this summer by eating the garden produce. I plan my meals by what is available from our garden. We have had many meals over the past few weeks that fried zucchini has substituted for meat. However I think I over did that one a bit. My 13 year old informed me the other day that just because I fry a veggie doesn't make it a meat product. All of my men are true carnivores!

grace and peace,


Paula said...

Looks like your little one is really sound asleep!

TnFullQuiver said...

I think he was just playing a game of possum! Thanks for stopping by!

grace and peace,