Monday, July 09, 2007

I just finished reading Deliberate Agrarian's new post. His link is at our sidebar. This post was about finding his mother's diary, and how much it touched his heart when he read a passage that she had written concerning him. I wanted to share what I have done for my children. I don't share this so you think I am a creative person. I share this because I know that God instructed me to do this over 16 years ago. It all started when our first baby was born. I received a beautiful baby book, and I was diligent to write in it often. However, there were many things that I wanted to share with this new little being that didn't fit on the pages of his baby book. I started writing notes to each of my children. I do not have any specific time line concerning this. I just wait until I have something special to share with them or a story about them. Over the years, I don't always have time to get a nice clean sheet of paper. I have even been know to scribble a funny moment on a napkin. I then place the napkin in their baby book. I just make sure that I date it, and just to make it easier on me later on I even jot down their age at the time. I have notes and letters of love to each of my children from babyhood to teenage years. My children do not know that I have kept these notes for them. This is something special that they will discover someday. God willing, I plan on turning these notes and letters into a special book and give it to each of their spouse's on their wedding day along with their baby book. This will be my special gift to them that no amount of money could have ever bought.

grace and peace,


TNfarmgirl said...

What an awesome thing - I know the kids will LOVE them! Sssshhhhh....can't tell :)

The Bradshaws said...


I started some years ago writing a note to each of our children on their birthdays. I give the the notes to them, now, but have saved (most of?) the ones from when they were younger. I like your idea of saving them in their baby books, then fixing it all up and presenting them on their wedding day. I'll have to hunt them up, now (well...someday).

TnFullQuiver said...

I never thought of sharing a special note with them on their birthday. I may very well start that in the upcoming year. However, I do use their birthday as a general timeline to write in their baby books.
thanks for the idea.

grace and peace,