Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden and Weekend Update

We had a great weekend. We enjoyed a little fun mixed in with a lot of work. We have spent much of the weekend working on clearing our back pasture. We have worked on this project on and off for a month now. The mountain view is incredible as you can see from the picture. Michael wants to build a house there. My dreams are a bit more realistic. I would like to someday build a pole barn and have a place for gatherings and playtime. Campfires and guitar music comes to my mind when we are out there. The only real issue is that there is no bathroom within walking distance. My family of boys has no problem with this fact, but friends may. I am wanting to look into some new designs for outhouses. But all of those thoughts are just dreams for now and can wait until another day. For now, the pasture will provide extra grass for our animals, as well as a great play place for us.
Our garden is growing by leaps and bounds. We spent much of last night weeding the garden. (We ran out of newspaper to use as mulch and weed control). Michael and I got the eggplant and peppers all weeded. Our tomatoes are doing fantastic this year. We have tomatoes in all different stages. One bed is producing glorious red juicy tomatoes. We picked about 3/4 of a bushel Saturday and Sunday. We are eating tomatoes as well as canning them. I will be canning sometime today again. One bed of tomatoes is just starting to look like they are starting to ripe. I will be working that bed of Rutger Tomatoes sometime in the next 2 weeks. We also have a bed of Romas that are just now starting to produce small tomatoes. These are no where near ripening, but by the time they are ripe I will be ready for them. Our cucumbers are growing nicely. Lime pickles are still on my list of canning projects. We picked some new lettuce last night. Here lately the lettuce has been bitter due to the heat. If this new lettuce is bitter too, I will be pulling up the remaining lettuce and feeding it to the chickens. I will plant more toward the end of August. Our watermelon and cantaloupe are beautiful. I have never been able to grow watermelon before. I know the difference this year is planting them in a raised bed. I just wish I had gotten them out earlier this year. We will have watermelon and cantaloupe coming out of our ears in late August. Next year I want to make sure I succession plant both of these.
This week Michael and sons will be constructing the hog pen. I will keep you informed of the progress complete with pictures if I can remember to charge the batteries for the camera!
grace and peace,

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